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“Lisa considers her photography both an art and a spiritual practice
that helps her elevate her appreciation for everything she focuses on.”

Lisa is an entrepreneur, adventurer, traveler, artist, poet, illustrator, and visual storyteller. Her endless curiosity has inspired years of extensive travels which include living internationally in communities that value resiliency and regenerative agriculture, while expanding her knowledge of herbalism, ecology, fungi, and birds. Lisa loves fostering connections between people and is as fascinated by human relationships, authentic relating, and collaborative decision making as she is with nature's magnificent microcosms. When she's not behind the camera, Lisa loves exploring outdoors, traveling to remote tropical islands, and hosting group improvisational theater game gatherings. She has a penchant for dark chocolate, she adores visiting ancient trees, and her favorite sunsets are the ones which turn the sky a blazing pink. Lisa's images appear in books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, greeting cards, calendars, posters, and websites worldwide. 

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