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Lisa loves to support and promote local events and projects which uplift hearts, share knowledge, create collaboration, and increase community resilience. Let's chat if you have an upcoming need for photography.
Fruit Tree Planting Workshop | Black Mountain Community Garden, North Carolina

A collaborative community engagement event to promote and provide increased local food access featuring active participation by Dr. John Wilson Community Garden staff and volunteers, Bounty & Soul, Robin Greenfield, PubCorps, and local residents.

Dr. John Wilson Community Garden | Black Mountain, North Carolina
Focusing on no-till methods, integrated pest management, cover cropping, and passive composting, the garden emphasizes cultivating overall garden health through building soil fertility and increasing species diversity. An additional 5,000 square feet of soil plus 10% of each gardener's plot is planted and harvested exclusively by volunteers for donation to Bounty & Soul, a free weekly community produce market.
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